Codes and Data

  • The new COSI-Corr+ can be retrieved from this github repo. This software allows for measurement of surface motion in 3D using optical satellite imagery to sub-pixel precision. Also see the study that gives an overview of the technique. Jupyter notebooks coming soon!
  • Stress inversion MATLAB scripts which give the deviatoric stress tensor by inverting slip vectors.
  • 3D surface deformation maps of the 2019 Ridgecrest earthquake sequence.
  • Surface deformation maps that separate the surface motion of the 2019 Ridgecrest foreshock (Mw 6.4) and mainshock (7.1) that occurred within 34 hours of one another.
  • GNSS timeseries used for inversion for terrestrial water storage following 2017 Hurricane Harvey in Texas Milliner_et_al_Aux_data

Useful data and software links

Where to find Optical data

Lidar and point clouds

  • Opentopo – Free high resolution topography data and tools
  • CloudCompare – open source point cloud processing and matching software

SAR download links

GPS download links



Data Repo for Hurricane Harvey