logosUC Berkeley Postdoc & NASA Postdoctoral Fellow

My research involves using geodetic and field techniques to better understand how faults release strain throughout the earthquake cycle from the surface to upper mantle depths.

I am interested in developing InSAR, GPS, lidar differencing, and optical image correlation techniques with field-based surveys to measure processes ranging from multi-segment co-seismic ruptures, aseismic transients, and post-seismic afterslip to viscoelastic relaxation.

I am particularly interested in understanding the mechanics of near-field, co-seismic surface deformation, and how new and emerging geodetic datasets (e.g. optical image correlation and lidar differencing) inform us about tectonic processes at depth.

NASA webpage: Please find my JPL page for more info.

Email: christopher.milliner at jpl.nasa.gov

twitter: @Geo_GIF


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